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Colorado Office

2101 South Ranney Street, Craig Colorado 81625 Mailing Address;  P.O. Box 926 Craig, Colorado 81625

Phone Number;  (970) 826-0836

                       Fax Number; (970) 826-0839                                   Email:

Utah Office

PO Box 788, Castle Dale, UT 84513

Phone Number: (435) 381-2003

Fax: (435) 381-2004



Power Source Services Inc., prides ourselves on maintaining flexibility and being able to work on projects as small as a single valve installation, to projects as large as erecting complete industrial facilities from conception to completion. From comprehensive scheduled shutdowns to emergency weekend outages that last a few hours. Power Source Services supports projects of all size and duration. Firsthand experience with projects ranging from hires to equipment failures means we have the capacity to provide a skilled team at a moment's notice if necessary.









Brandi Ivie- Superintendent, Utah (435) 749-1931        Aaron Weyant- Superintendent, Utah (435) 749-2246     Trever Hyer - Superintendent, Colorado (970) 620-3402

Danny Roberts - Superintendent, Colorado (970) 846-6219

Shawn Swasey - Superintendent, Utah (435) 749-1831


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